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    Some of the best family-friendly things to do in Edinburgh highlight the city's reputation as one of Europe's largest playgrounds. During the summer, festivals take place throughout the city, while gardens and natural spaces offer hours of fun year-round. The cobbled alleyways of Grassmarket and the Royal Mile are easily explored on foot, so you can enjoy quality time when travelling with little ones. 

    From tripping the light fantastic to the age-old art of storytelling, experience the best of Scotland's capital with this guide on Edinburgh's great attractions for kids.


    Edinburgh Zoo

    Since taking in giant pandas, Edinburgh Zoo has become one of the most famous in the world. Of course, those huge cuddly bears are far from the only attraction – there are over 1,000 different animals here, and the penguin parade is particularly popular.

    Lokacija: Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, 134 Corstorphine Rd, Edinburgh EH12 6TS, UK

    Radno vrijeme: April–September: daily from 10am to 6pm. October & March: daily from 10am to 5pm, November–February: daily from 10am to 4pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 334 9171

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    Optical illusions at Camera Obscura

    Seeing is definitely not believing inside the Victorian Camera Obscura and World of Illusion. Bendy mirrors and giant kaleidoscopes will delight young eyes at the Magic Gallery, while blue tendrils of light spark across the Giant Plasmasphere in the Electric Room.

    Lokacija: Castlehill, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2ND, UK

    Radno vrijeme: Vary by season

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 226 3709

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    Friendly wildlife at Royal Botanic Garden

    Hungry ducks will swim up for bread at the large duck pond, a kids’ highlight at these bucolic gardens. Enter the vast Victorian glasshouse, where little ones can try to spot the lemons among the trees, or red pompoms flowers in the Rainforest House.

    Lokacija: Arboretum Pl, Edinburgh EH3 5NZ, UK

    Radno vrijeme: March–September: daily from 10am to 5pm. October and February: daily from 10am to 4pm. November–January: daily from 10am to 3pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 248 2909

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    Sample Italian specialities at La Favorita

    Regarded as one of the best pizzerias in Edinburgh, there’s lots of reasons that La Favorita lives up to its name as a family favourite. As well as cooking up gourmet Italian fare and bespoke pizzas, there’s a special kids’ menu and great family dining deals. A clown is also a regular visitor on weekends.

    Lokacija: 331-325 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SA, UK

    Radno vrijeme: Daily from 12pm to 11pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 554 2430

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    Autor fotografije: Edinburgh Blog (CC BY 2.0) preinačena


    Take the time machine at Dynamic Earth

    Dynamic Earth is a science centre that offers 35 workshops and learning programs for kids to learn about the world. Step back billions of years at this huge interactive museum, where a time machine takes you back to before dinosaurs walked the earth. You can even witness the Big Bang from the bridge of a spaceship through the Hubble telescope.

    Lokacija: Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8AS, UK

    Radno vrijeme: February–October: daily from 10am to 5.30pm. November–January: Wednesday–Sunday from 10am to 5.30pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 550 7800

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    Autor fotografije: dun_deagh (CC BY-SA 2.0) preinačena


    Animal magic at Gorgie City Farm

    Meet the horses, goats and sheep at Gorgie City Farm, about 3 km southeast of Edinburgh Old Town. Children can get their hands dirty and work at being a farmer, or just cuddle a cute guinea pig.

    Lokacija: 51 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 2LA, UK

    Radno vrijeme: Summer: daily from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Winter: daily from 9.30am to 4pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 337 4202

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    Autor fotografije: Kim Traynor (CC BY-SA 3.0) preinačena


    Wildlife on the Water of Leith Walkway

    Follow the river snaking its way through Edinburgh’s Stockbridge and Dean Village neighbourhoods as it spills into the Firth of Forth. Look out for great spotted woodpecker and herons – sharp-eyed walkers might even see an otter or badger. The Water of Leith Walkway is over 12 miles long – a good departing point is the Water of Leigh Conservation Trust and Visitor Centre, which can easily be reached by bus.

    Lokacija: 24 Lanark Rd, Edinburgh EH14 1TQ, UK

    Radno vrijeme: Daily from 10am to 4pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 455 7367

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    Autor fotografije: Gary Campbell-Hall (CC BY 2.0) preinačena


    Telling tales at the Scottish Storytelling Centre

    Let your family experience Edinburgh’s history coming alive at the Scotland’s Stories exhibition. In this contemporary building along the Royal Mile, look out for fun family-friendly events in the Storytelling Court and dramatic performances throughout the year. 

    Lokacija: 43-45 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SR, UK

    Radno vrijeme: Monday–Saturday from 10am to 6pm (closed on Sundays)

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 556 9579

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    Autor fotografije: Brian McNeil (CC BY 3.0) preinačena


    Creepy walks in Edinbugh Old Town

    Book an Edinburgh hotel in the Old Town and venture underground to tour the Real Mary King’s Close. Older kids will love the spooky walks, where costumed guides take you back to the 17th-century underground townhouses and the stories of the people who lived there.

    Lokacija: 2 Warriston’s Close, Edinburgh, EH1 1PG, UK

    Radno vrijeme: Summer: daily from 9.30am to 9.30pm. Winter: Monday–Friday from 10.15am to 5.50pm, Saturday–Sunday from 10.15am to 9pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 225 0672

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    Autor fotografije: Helen Simonsson (CC BY-SA 2.0) preinačena


    Refuel at Hendersons of Edinburgh

    Hendersons of Edinburgh is a basement restaurant that has been serving tasty vegetarian dishes for decades. Take a break from your Edinburgh sightseeing to fill up on hearty pasta bakes or vegetarian haggis or treat yourselves to afternoon tea.

    Lokacija: 94 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DR, UK

    Radno vrijeme: Monday–Thursday from 8.30am to 8.45pm, Friday–Saturday from 8.30am to 9.15pm, Sunday from 10am to 4pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)131 225 2131

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    Follow the Edinburgh Old Town Treasure Trail

    Pick up a Treasure Trail pack and take the family off on an adventure through the oldest parts of the city – there are clues for the children to follow and exciting secrets to uncover, as the sights of Edinburgh reveal themselves. You can download and print the self-guided treasure hunt-themed walking trail around Edinburgh Old Town in advance.

    Lokacija: Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 1BP, UK

    Telefon: +44 (0)1872 263 692

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    Feast on seafood at Mussel Inn

    If you want to give your kids a taste of the local cuisine, rather than standard chain-restaurant fare, Mussel Inn is perfect. It serves the freshest seafood in creative ways, inspiring adventurous tastes. Sauces are made-to-order though, so you can still suit fussier eaters, and all dishes are available as half-portions for smaller appetites.

    Lokacija: 61-65 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2NH, UK

    Radno vrijeme: September–June: Monday–Thursday from 12pm to 3pm and from 5.30pm to 10pm, Friday–Sunday from 12pm to 10pm. July–August: daily from 12pm to 10pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)843 2892 481

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